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We are a globally-activeregistered non-profit organization focused on promoting the health of newborn infants. We support efforts to promote relevant research, identify risk-factors and assess the burden of disease (epidemiology), train healthcare workers; and seek social engagement. We need to do this because despite all the scientific progress and social changes over the last two decades, death rates in infants still remain similar to 58-60 years old adults. To communicate, we are developing a new scientific journal, the newborn. So far, we have published 2 annual volumes with a total of 8 issues containing 81 articles, and it is in the process of accreditation with various scientific fora. Losing a life in infancy is different - we lose it in its entirety, with all its potential. All adults are welcome to join the Global Newborn Society - this movement is not restricted to healthcare workers

To help navigate the website, a set of the most frequently-visited pages can be seen on the more information page. A comprehensive list is accessible on the index pageThe first few pages focus on the need for this organization, our logo and philosophy, our leadership, and our goals/objectives. Some viewers see a mother with outstretched arms welcoming her baby in the way the buttons are arranged on the more information page. On the index page, they find the longer buttons as reminding them of index fingers pointing in specific directions and the smaller buttons as other digits folded to grasp important information. We appreciate these aesthetic interpretations

The our logo - our philosophy page is an attempt to share our thinking. The button above this passage will also take you to this page. This page is extensively hyperlinked to contextualize the topics and to ensure that anglophony does not limit our communication. 

On the top of every page in this website, a tiny logo baby is surrounded by a few key links. Many mobile phones show 3 horizontal bars on the top right that can also help in navigation. Most parts of this website can also be seen in 6 languages other than English.
 We currently have medical and non-medical members in more than 120 countries and several thousand are joining in alliances.

A second set of pages highlights the activities in the GNS, including the development of consensus statements, ongoing research programs, identification of research needs, advocacy, quality improvement efforts, education/training, important scientific events, and news and blogs. In addition, a section provides summaries of the latest, most important findings in 18 key areas in neonatology These publications are linked to the US library of medicine website, PubMed

We have many different fora for inter-personal interaction. Most members find the account on the cloud-based app, the Telegram as the most convenient way to connect. It does not have any numerical or regional/legal restrictions. There is also a chat page within this website and on Facebook. You can also send us an email on the address below.

We have a creative corner where you can contribute poetry and artwork. Newborn care surely goes beyond scientific measurements. 

Our aim is to reduce infant morbidity and mortality. To do this, we need help from everyone, either from a medical or a different background, who cares for babies. You are reading this page, and so very obviously, you are one of them. So, please join us! There are no financial charges and your details will not be shared with anyone. To join, you could just stay right here and continue to admire our logo baby, and a form should pop-up in about 30 seconds! However, if the security settings on your phone/computer do not permit this, please find the registration page either by nudging our logo baby just above the text or by clicking here.

To return to the home page or the table of contents, all we have to do is to click the links near the little baby on the top of all pages. We realize that when we are looking for a home (page) or options (table of contents), many babies are too! Caring for babies goes beyond medicine. We want to be a truly global organization where we can all connect and discuss on how to achieve our goals.  

For any questions, please email us:


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