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The Global Newborn Society aims to help reduce neonatal morbidity and mortality. Babies do not talk, or vote, and so, need help. In this page, we describe the challenges of infancy. Some are highlighted in our logo

Infancy should ideally be a pleasant phase, but it can be difficult. We need to improve awareness, education, and possibly, develop mass-scale genetic screening programs. Illness is a definite risk. The first look at this logo baby evokes love and affection but a closer inspection may also trigger anxiety - do the external ears look 'simplified' without mature folds? Questions may keep arising - are the eyes too far apart? Upper eyelid retraction? Unusual eyelashes? A small nose? Is the upper lip too thin, or is the normal midline groove between the upper lip and the nostrils missing? Wide-open mouth? Congenital fusion of bones around elbow joints and in digits? Isolated 'minor' anomalies may not always be a reason for concern but if associated with multiple other birth defects, there may be a need for further evaluation. Globally, unusually-formed organ systems are one of 4 major causes of suffering in infants other than difficulties with the first breath, infections, and prematurity. In some regions, maternal use of illicit drugs with consequent neonatal abstinence syndrome is emerging as another cause of neonatal illness. Overall, timely diagnosis and management is needed to save these lives.

This logo, a work of art, was a gift from Dr. Rachana Singh. She, and others who have tried to interpret it, have been inspirational. Quoting from Shakespeare (Sebastian, 12th Night, Act III, Scene 3), we can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks!


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