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The Global Newborn Society aims to help reduce neonatal morbidity and mortality. Babies do not talk, or vote, and so, need help. This is a long page - we present our logo here in all its detail. The central theme, about emotions in caregiving, is described below.

We describe our emotions in this composition. Three dimensions of participatory ethics can be seen in this logo: the impact of the individual, the organization, and the system. For us individuals, the red-colored boat signifies our affection for the baby. The unpremeditated deep alizarin crimson shade shows the intensity of these sentiments. Thinking about the organization, no marine corrosion was noticeable anywhere on the boat. This reminds us that family-centered care, using lean management strategies to minimize wastage, can optimize health care processes. And last, the message "Every Baby Counts" just below the waterline showed the social philosophy of our system. We remain committed to philanthropy, and if needed, to altruism that does not always need to be visible. The shadow behind the picture reveals its firm support system, a wall built out of our adoption and commitment.  

This logo, a work of art, was a gift from Dr. Rachana Singh. She, and others who have tried to interpret it, have been inspirational. Quoting from Shakespeare (Sebastian, 12th Night, Act III, Scene 3), we can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks!


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