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The Global Newborn Society speaks for babies. They do not talk, or vote, and so others have to do so on their behalf. The child art in our logo shows a lovable little infant exuding innocent, genuine happiness. The absence of skin color, curly hair, shape of the eyes, and the long eye-lashes emphasize that infants need care all over the world, irrespective of ethnicity, race, and gender. On the bib, the yellow background reflects happiness, hope, and spontaneity. The globe symbolizes a need for well-coordinated, world-wide efforts; many campaigns focused on vaccination, nutrition, and education have achieved laudable success.

Even though infancy should be a pleasant phase in life, many babies face difficult problems. The vulnerability of young infants, due to all the biological limitations, can be seen as being alone in a boat floating in rough waters. There is a high risk of mortality. The surrounding large, featureless sky suggests that the world can sometimes be a bit indifferent. However, the shades of blue still give hope that not every possibility of peace and tranquility may have been exhausted yet. And this is where the Global Newborn Society seeks to make a difference; our acronym letters on the starboard, the G, N, and S, are firm pillars of strength. We are aware that the cast metal in these letters has rough, angular edges, and are committed to continuous polishing to ascertain safety. Some viewers see these letters, even though seemingly metallic, as r
opelike in shape and thus providing an additional layer of protective support. The red color of the boat symbolizes our affection. The painted lettering on the boat's draft carries the expression "Every Baby Counts" below the waterline. It shows our commitment to philanthropy, and if needed, to altruism that does not always need to be visible. The shadow behind the picture shows that it has been glued on a solid wall, one built out of our adoption and commitment. 

This logo, a work of art, was prepared by Dr.
Rachana Singh in the GNS. We cannot find enough words of gratitude. 


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