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We are a globally-activenon-profit, registered 501(c)(3) organization focused on newborn health, seeking to enhance research in newborn medicine, understand the epidemiology (risk-factors) of disease; train healthcare workers; and promote social engagement. We need this organization because despite improvements over the last two decades, global death rates in infants still remain similar to those in 58-60 years old adults. But, losing a life in infancy is different - we lose it in its entirety, with all its potential!

We realize that our hand-drawn logo is unconventional, a bit different from the traditional, more formal line logos used by most organizations. This was an intentional choice; an attempt to communicate our philosophy in detail. We hope to convince you.
Most parts of this website can be seen in 6 languages other than English.
To explore the website, please click the button above, or here. If you would like to see and admire the peacefully sleeping baby on the front page one more time, please click here.

The first set of pages highlights the background of the GNS, and our goals, aims, and objectives. We currently have medical and non-medical members in more than 120 countries and several thousand are currently being enrolled by establishing consortia.

A second set of pages highlights the activities in the GNS, including the development of consensus statements, ongoing research programs, identification of research needs, advocacy, quality improvement efforts, education/training, important scientific events, and news and blogs. In addition, a section provides summaries of the latest, most important findings in 18 areas of focus in neonatology These publications are linked to pages on the US library of medicine website, PubMed, which provides more details and access to the respective journals. With these pages, we seek to serve both the GNS members and the general public.

A third set of pages is dedicated to interpersonal interaction; there is a chat page within this website, on the app Telegram, and at Facebook. We also have a creative corner where members contribute with their artwork. We all recognize that the caring for newborn takes more than scientific measurements. Finally, we acknowledge our leading experts for their efforts.

Our aim is to reduce infant morbidity and mortality. To do this, we need help from everyone, either from a medical or a different background, who cares for babies. You are reading this page, and so very obviously, you are one of them. So, please join us! There are no financial charges and your details will not be shared with anyone. To join, you could just stay right here and continue to admire our logo baby, and a form should pop-up in about 30 seconds! However, if the security settings on your phone/computer do not permit this, please find the registration page either by nudging our logo baby just above the text or by clicking here.

To return to the home page or the table of contents, all you have to do is to gently click on specific links near the little baby on the top of all pages. We realize that when we are looking for a home (page) or options (table of contents), many babies are too! It reminds us that caring for babies goes beyond medicine. We need a global organization with diverse membership. 

For any questions, please email us: globalnewbornsociety@gmail.com.